Houses of rare combinations
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Two houses concept 20&20
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Houses of rare combinations
Two houses concept 20&20
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Moscow, 2nd Donskoy proezd, 5
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The club residence's comprehensive branding

Two houses 20&20 are located in the green area of downtown Moscow: the second line of Leningradsky prospect. This allows the residents to enjoy a quiet life while still keeping their fingers on the city's pulse. To bring the residential complex to the market, a suite of branding materials was developed for the brand along with a positioning strategy. Having analyzed the project and location, we developed the following positioning: "a home of rare combinations." This allowed us to focus the attention of our audience on the truly rare combination of advantages it has for a business class offering: the low number of apartments in general and on each floor, increased window area, rational floor plans, and uncharacteristically low‑rise architecture for the location.
Done for the project:
Interface (UI)
User experience (UX)
Mobile version
Corporate style
Creative concept
Outdoor advertising
Internet advertising
Naming and identity
Houses 20&20 is a rational brand for people who appreciate hard facts and dry figures. Using numbers in the name has set this project apart from its competition in the field of ad‑media. By presenting the residential complex as two separate buildings we are highlighting the increased privacy. In a move more often seen in deluxe class than business class, the name communicates the number of apartments in each building in a very straightforward manner — there are 20 apartments in each building. In our messaging, the key selling advantages are always paired up, reflecting the double benefit the residential complex offers, as opposed to having to compromise. It's got everything: it's downtown but in a quiet location, high ceilings and lots of window space, as well as privacy and security.
Ampersand, the symbol of unification, is a visual metaphor for the double advantages of the 20&20 houses. It is present on all advertising materials for this project, creating an elegant and expressive communication style.
Optimal floor plans
The presentation materials for the 20&20 houses are incredibly tasteful and stylish, and convey all the advantages of the buildings. Roomy floor plans of humane proportions, printed with millimeter accuracy on the tactile paper of the brochures allow clients to envision their lives in these apartments.
Light and space
The interior visuals created for this project support the projected ceiling height estimates — around 3.5 meters; coupled with increased window areas, they give these spaces a roomy feeling where you can create your ideal interior design.
Online advantage
This project's website also reflects the slogan: "A home of rare combinations." The bold presentation of the key advantages and an easy apartment selection process have been carefully crafted along with refined animations and design to give an impression of a high‑quality, comfortable product. Each apartment has its own extensive description supplemented with an advantage chart and interior options. Beautiful visuals and photography create an enticing image of the building and its immediate surroundings.
Design and animation
The quality of design, animation, interface, and user experience solutions have been noted by the panel of judges at the CSS Design Awards.
Mobile version
Light and elegant, the 20&20 mobile website is a convenient form of communication with a clientele that's always on the move. It retains all functionality of the desktop website adapting it for mobile platforms, allowing easy apartment choice on any device.
The rational brand of the complex coupled with its location has allowed us to successfully bring this product to the market and sell all the flats as per the sales plan.
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