High above the center
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High above the center
Print Alcon Tower
Alcon Development
Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, vl. 34

A brochure for a new high‑rise building in Moscow

A grandiose new high‑rise project on the first line of Leningradsky prospect — Alcon Tower — has an incredibly prestigious location in the capital. Panoramic views of central Moscow can be seen from its windows, with the ruby stars of the Kremlin and classic high‑rises towering above the big city lights.

To adequately represent the advantages of our project, we have chosen an unorthodox approach: we used a fold‑out structure for the brochure. To highlight the height of the project, a fold‑out print is enclosed that allows the customer to inspect the building floor by floor. Inspiring views are placed on the central page spread that folds out to either side to fully display a panoramic view of the city at night.

The printing quality of the brochure highlights the elevated level of the project with specially crafted designer paper and bronze‑toned serigraphy.

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