The next level of comfort
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Residential complex Veren Next Shuvalovsky
The next level of comfort
Residential complex Veren Next Shuvalovsky
Veren Group
St. Petersburg, Komendantsky prospect, uch.9

Booklet for Veren Next Shuvalovsky residential complex

Veren Next Shuvalovksy is another building in the comfort‑class line from Veren Group and it exceeds all expectations thanks to its location and its sheer class, as reflected in a wide range of parameters. Its expressive look and the restricted number of apartments on each floor distinguish it from the surrounding buildings. Families will appreciate the building's advanced security, increased privacy, and next‑level aesthetics.

The brochure highlights the project's meticulous design and marries the visuals of wide‑angle shots of the residential complex with a focus on the details of the architecture and its surroundings. The printing methods communicate the general idea of Veren Group's comfort class — to stay a few steps ahead of any expectations. It is block printed on premium offset paper and the cover is embossed with color pigmented foil and treated with selective UF lacquering.
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