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Атмосфера и эстетика
Элегантный сайт неспешно рассказывает историю о новом доме, скрытом в переулках Остоженки. Красивый контент концентрирует внимание на особенностях и преимуществах элитного дома
The brand reflects the core values of the Veren Group: quality, reliability, transparency, accessibility, and intellectualism. The same questions always arise within the modern real estate buyer: "Will my home be beautiful and comfortable?" "Will it still be relevant in the years to come?" "Will it be delivered on time?" "Will the developer keep its promises?" To all these questions the new brand confidently answers: "Yes, you can be sure of that."
"Live differently without leaving the city" is the slogan that defines our positioning, outlines our competitive advantage, and demonstrates the key benefits for the customerbuyer. Living differently means hearing birds sing in the morning instead of traffic. It means looking out the window and seeing the lake and its natural surroundings instead of just high‑rise residential towers. The concept is founded on the contrasts which a city resident dreams of experiencing. They long for nature, but they don't want to abandon the comforts of the city. Future residents of Veren Village will not face such struggles: nature is just outside the door, as is the city.
Beautiful angles
Plenty of air, sun, and light with no attention spared on the finer details; breathtaking, unobstructed views of the sea, sunset, and coast — Reef Residence leaves no one unmoved. Enjoy!
На Остоженке
Фотосъемка окружения и великолепные панорамы передают преимущества жизни в историческом центре, вблизи храмов, набережной Москва-реки и Кремля.
Деловой стиль
Анимированые смысловые элементы: карты, графики, иллюстрации - транслируют технологичность офисных пространств. Выверенные ракурсы визуализаций, презентующих wow-архитектуру, броская цветовая гамма в сочетании с емкими текстами - создают образ Футуристичного, Динамичного, Делового центра.
Визуальная концепция
Сайт дома Достижение отличается выдающейся информативностью. Иллюстрируя и обьясняя мельчайшие аспекты жизни в Доме, он впечатляет клиентов, доказывая - дом «Достижение» продуман до мельчайших деталей.
Визуальная концепция
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A spectrum of technologies
Stunning photos and videos, exclusive graphics, and smooth animation reflect the comprehensive approach and impressive results of Glass Decor.
Conceptually comfortable
The main page guides the potential client of Sminex through the thorough explanations of every benefit of each of the company's buildings and each of their services.
See you on the waterfront
When we visited the project, it was already teeming with life, so we realized that the best way to convince clients to make a purchase is to invite them here as well, let them feel the atmosphere and notice the attention to detail across the whole development. That is how we shaped the following insight which we want the client to grasp: "I see how it is built; I realize that it will become better, this place is beautiful, the views are stunning, people already live here; the kindergarten is working, and the embankment is open."
A must-see
Even people who have nothing to do with manufacturing will be interested to see how beautiful packaging is born for the brands that they can find on store shelves. The mesmerizing process of creating glass forms with ultra‑high‑tech decorative techniques is impressive, putting Glass Decor's innovative and technological prowess on full display.
Красивые ракурсы
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Красивые ракурсы
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The best at every site
Filmed using the techniques of a major film studio, the series of videos is now a welcome addition to the company's portfolio, backing up the promises it makes to its clients.
An island of history
We have composed this video series around the core slogan we have developed to reflect the key advantages of life at the Granville residential complex: "An island of privacy on an island of history." We filmed the video in autumn, allowing us to capture several shots with golden leaves and a ship moored in the background, conveying the romance of one of the most beautiful places in the city on the Neva.
Beautiful angles
Made using 3D graphics, the video presents the complex in a unique, suburban manner, creating an atmosphere of luxury and tranquillity.
All the facets of a perfect day
To reach out and touch the sun; to feel the gentle breeze caressing your skin; to find serenity among the perfect sunset and sunrises that seem to blend in with the immaculate interior of your home — experience all the facets of a perfect day.
Beautiful angles
Our video enhances the image outlined by the pitch at the sales office or provided on the website. Footage from the shooting of this video has also been instrumental in putting together the website for the development’s third stage. It helped us create an outstanding online resource for informing the potential customer about all the fine, careful details put into the decor, landscaping, and public spaces.
A beautiful world — for you
Well integrated with the surrounding district, Mir Park European quarter prides itself on its own infrastructure, offering residents a world of their own with everything they might need for life and work. The video shows only the best angles from which the Mir Park district to convey the comforts of Mir Park, not unlike those of a low‑rise European neighborhood. The luxurious natural materials of the facades complete the idyllic picture.
In my home I trust
With the assistance of specialists in underground construction, we have created a video that explains the nuances of construction in plain and simple terms. It explains the types of construction work and the timeframes involved, highlighting the company's thorough, high‑tech approach. Upon viewing, the takeaway for the client is: "I understand the process, I appreciate their efforts and approach; In my home I can trust!"
By land or by water
The best way to settle the buyer’s mind on making the purchase is to invite them to view the completed part and take in the atmosphere; appreciate the thoughtfulness in the little details and the overall scope of the project. We hope to give the customer the following insight: "I see how it is built; I realize it will become even better; it's a beautiful place, the views are marvelous, people are already living here; the kindergarten is already working, and the access to the embankment is already open." Thoughtful screenwriting and acting, captured in high production values, create the image of a comfortable and living space designed on the very human scale of a city block.
Naming and identity
The intelligent, memorable, and expressive nature of the name Veren reflects the character and tone of the new brand. Simple and straightforward, and yet calling to mind a lot of positive associations and implications, the company's name directly communicates the main promise of the brand — the promise of security for the client who can be sure that everything will be done on time and that all promises made by the company will be kept. The positioning slogan "In my home I trust" resonates well with the company name and reinforces its messaging.
Naming and identity
Houses 20&20 is a rational brand for people who appreciate hard facts and dry figures. Using numbers in the name has set this project apart from its competition in the field of ad‑media. By presenting the residential complex as two separate buildings we are highlighting the increased privacy. In a move more often seen in deluxe class than business class, the name communicates the number of apartments in each building in a very straightforward manner — there are 20 apartments in each building. In our messaging, the key selling advantages are always paired up, reflecting the double benefit the residential complex offers, as opposed to having to compromise. It's got everything: it's downtown but in a quiet location, high ceilings and lots of window space, as well as privacy and security.
Learn the most with the least amount of effort
To maximize the flow of traffic to the website as quickly as possible, we created a "revolver" interface for the main page, inspired by the advantages of the project. It makes no compromise on aesthetics and allows us to communicate the key advantages to the user right on the main page.
A home with a unique view of culture, history, and art
The name, the slogan, and the signature style highlight the truly unique characteristics of the residents and the overall elite level of the offering. Art View House is a residence offering a unique view of culture (New Holland), history (Isaakievsky cathedral and the Moika river embankment), and art (the Mariinsky theater). V — View — a symbol of the panoramic view, intertwined with an archetypical crown, crowns the luxuriously styled building.
26 квартир и 3 виллы
Дизайн раздела предоставляет удобный визуальный и параметрический выбор лотов и просмотр планировочных решений. Страницы квартир представляют варианты планировок с мебелью и без, подробные технические параметры. 
Выбор по параметрам порадует пользователя понятным многообразием настроек поиска идеально подходящей квартиры.
Динамика и ритм
Дизайн-решения и анимации на сайте проекта подчеркивают динамичное позиционирование проекта для своей целевой аудитории – заряжают энергией и притягивают взгляд.
Best Website
Для поддержания образа северной архитектуры, в качестве иллюстративного элемента используются в том числе заголовки на норвежском языке. Минималистичная подача информации, контрастирует с эффектной анимацией, где 3д-визуализации дома ассоциированы с образами спокойной северной природы. Для поддержания «нордического» образа бренда, в качестве иллюстративного элемента используются заголовки на норвежском языке.
Нордическое спокойствие
Для поддержания образа северной архитектуры, в качестве иллюстративного элемента используются в том числе заголовки на норвежском языке. Минималистичная подача информации, контрастирует с эффектной анимацией, где 3д-визуализации дома ассоциированы с образами спокойной северной природы. Для поддержания «нордического» образа бренда, в качестве иллюстративного элемента используются заголовки на норвежском языке.
В масштабе города
Большая карта квартала показывает принцип «15-ти минутной доступности» и зонирование территории Shagal. Неординарный контент призван познакомить клиентов с пространством города будущего
Style and beauty

The first edition of the magazine is an exclusive release that contains a unique interview with one of the most successful designers of our time, Karim Rashid.

The fashionable, smart layout of the pages has not interfered with the styling of the magazine, despite the varying volume of content.

In the best traditions of full‑scale glossy high‑class publications, the magazine is as informative as possible, filled with a large number of emotive photos framed by empty space, and air, and occasionally draws your attention to the title by placing it in the center of the page. This diversity of design approaches has allowed us to explore all advantages of HILL8 in a natural flow while maintaining the client's emotional involvement and audience interest.

Visual concept
Bold illustrations highlight the details, and high‑tech animations and descriptive texts present the company and its services, positioning Fort Project as the top company in the market for outfitting services.
Aesthetics and technology
Lots of free space and the light feel of the design highlight the aesthetics and high‑tech nature of the project.
In my home I trust
The building's advanced security, increased privacy, and next‑level aesthetics will undoubtedly be appreciated by families. The website reflects the approach to this project's creation by presenting the architecture and immediate surroundings through illustrations of the greatest possible scale, allowing every detail to be inspected.
Optimal floor plans
The presentation materials for 20&20 Houses are incredibly tasteful and stylish, demonstrating the advantages of the project. Roomy floor plans of humane proportions, printed with millimeter accuracy on the tactile paper of the brochures allow clients to envision their lives in these apartments.
New impressions
To communicate the unique nature of the project we have created 20+ immersive visualizations of the architecture as well as some designer graphics. The brochure explores the key concept of the "Live differently" themed ad‑media, emotionally describing the advantages of life in Veren Village Strelna: "Live a life with more greenery, more serenity, more beauty and space..."
More silence, more greenery, more air
The website expands upon the slogan "Live differently" by showing the changes in the life of a city dweller upon moving into Veren Village Strelna.
Business on the Garden Ring
The visual solutions call to mind the new slogan for the object: Business in the Garden Ring. The informal nature of the slogan makes the brand more human and succinctly communicates the core advantage of the offering for businesses: a unique and prestigious opportunity to do business in the very heart of the capital.
When such balance is found, life can reach new horizons
The positioning slogan "Live differently" is expanded upon by a series of other marketing slogans which underscore the various advantages of the offering. New residents of the complex will have their daily lives enriched with more greenery in the landscaped yards, more water as there is a pond on the complex grounds, more serenity and silence due to the unique location and smaller number of neighbors.
Aesthetics and technology
The impressive design with lots of free space highlights the aesthetics of the project and its high‑tech nature. Stunning content, smooth animations, interesting information clearly laid out in a grid, and easy navigation emphasize the prestigious nature of the offering.
Спокойный и роскошный
Решенный в глубоких синих тонах и наполненный красивыми образами дома и локации, сайт создает ощущение роскоши
и спокойствия. Подробный и обстоятельный рассказ о преимуществах дома сопровождается удобным подбором квартиры.
The combination of advantages
The advantages of the 20&20 Houses are presented as an expressive series of visualizations arranged into combinations of benefits, always in an "Advantage & Advantage" format, which fully complements the positioning," A home of rare combinations."
Photo and video content
We have photographed and filmed all the projects that the company has already built to create a portfolio for the website.
Visual concept
Every word, every image, and every detail highlight the offering's elite level and reinforce the image: "Renommee — an elite residence with great infrastructure." On the main page, the services available to the residence form a clock face. This visual element complements the brand positioning of the project.
To achieve our strategic goals, we have produced video content that showcases the advantages that are already present: the embankment, child‑friendliness, sports facilities, pleasant atmosphere, and living environment. We have developed vivid and attractive slogans: "By land or by water," "Come to look and come to live."
The perfect image
A collection of emotive visuals has been created for this project. Generously lit, detailed renderings of the airy spaces to be created convey a unique, stylish, and unusual image.
An environment for work and recreation
The booklet's goal is to communicate the market positioning of the development to the potential tenants of its offices and commercial spaces, motivating them to choose Factoria for their business.
Every detail of the brochure is designed to highlight the distinguished style and status of the project. The book's cover is made from a composite material. On one side, it's a stylish and elegant material that is soft, silky, and pleasant to the touch, and on the other, it's design paper with a pocket where a designer illustration reflecting the project's historical spirit is unobtrusively hidden.
Correct content
100 elements, materials of the detailing, objects, and equipment were 3D‑modelled, described, and illustrated in the brochure.
The brochure for the residential complex highlights the project's attention to detail and presents the concept of a home that gives the gift of time. It combines informative, vibrant content and immaculate printing methods to convey the high quality of life at the elite residential complex. Premium materials ensure a pleasant tactile experience, and the well‑thought‑out content leaves the reader with the impression of a product that is perfect in every detail. Non‑text content created specifically for the brochure — photos, and emotive visualizations, illustrate life in the residence in great detail.
Naming and identity
With the stars of the Kremlin, Zaryadie park, the flowing waters of the Moscow River, and the glimmering House of Music in full view, even the most distinguished tastes will be satisfied. A symphony on the embankments — live on Kotelnicheskaya, stroll down Kremlevskaya, and enjoy the views of Kosmodamianskaya! The elegant style of the advertisement messaging elevates the project above the white noise of information that buyers face daily.
Creative concept
The graphic style of the Renommee residence calls to mind the advantages of the well‑thought‑out infrastructure that offers the gift of time to its residents. Elegant pictograms form a stylized clock that correlates with the corporate pattern, and interesting titles and texts inform the client in detail about the development's benefits.
Marketing brochure
Spectacular visualizations complemented by a targeted text in a beautiful brochure convey the atmosphere of the residential complex and highlights the advantages for the customer.
Spectacular visualization
A pool of emotive visuals has been created for this project. Detailed renderings of the generously lit and airy planned spaces project a unique, stylish, and unusual image.
Динамичный контент
Аэропанорамы и оригинальная фотосьемка окружения подчеркивают высокую траспортную доступность проекта
To reinforce the image of a promise keeper that we have crafted for the company, we have developed a signature style using calm tones, a laconic logo, and a pattern of inherently familiar expressions with the word "trust."
Слоган и айдентика
Слоган и логотип для делового центра TWIST коммуницируют категорию и преимущества предложения, одновременно по построению рифмуясь с футуристической архитектурой, яркий "электрический" синий цвет отражает технологичность обьекта
Интерактивные маршруты
Интерактивная схема квартала показывает эффективное разделение транспортных и пешеходных маршрутов, знакомит с принципами планирования «нового города», продуманного для комфортной жизни. Здесь потоки автомобильного, микромобильного транспорта не пересекаются с маршрутами для прогулок и спорта.
A vast platform
The huge volume of information about the company is compartmentalized and presented in a way that quickly and completely answers the key questions about the opportunities for cooperation.
An online presentation high above
Presentation pages with informative texts and images highlight the advantages of the apartment complex.
The website highlights the advantages of the building, which are hallmarks of the Veren Next classification: here, you can live a life of confidence, style, privacy, and comfort.
High level of execution
The tactile paper is embellished with three different techniques of post‑print processing — a fine glossy finish, blind embossing, and patterned serigraphy. These elements communicate to the client that a lot of time has been spent for their sake.
A premium offset paper base and soft‑touch lamination are bound to impress those who value tactile sensation. For those who are more partial to visuals, we have vibrant, sunny page spreads and emotive headlines.
Seamless transitions between the pages of the presentation allow the user to glide through the content without interrupting them to click through the menu.
A stunning online presentation of the residential complex highlights the astonishing architecture, great infrastructure, and design of the surroundings, confidently asserting that Veren Next Octyabrskaya has just elevated the comfort class standards to a new level.
Synergy of ad-media
A series of slogans joins the emotional benefits of the brand with the characteristics of their projects that are most meaningful for the prospective residents: "Trust the style" — the brilliant architecture of the buildings and their stylish interiors; "Trust the comfort" — modern technologies and practices that raise your quality of life; "Trust to deliver" — pinpoint project placement and the impressive portfolio of the team behind the projects ensure that all promises will be kept and all products will be delivered on time. Built around a shared core of ideas, these advertisement slogans reinforce the corporate brand and increase the quotation rate and memorability through synergy allowing for a more efficient allocation of marketing funds.
A large volume of information is well‑structured, categorized, and illustrated with emotive visuals. Each advantage of the project has a separate page that is also a landing site for the external links to the website. Wow‑animation and a separate mobile version compliment the illustrations of the building's advantages. A convenient apartment selector allows for careful inspection of every apartment and can help with choosing an interior design.
A new look
We've updated all the visual media for the project. A new beautiful color, the elegant accents of the logo, and scenic photographs reflect the new, elevated level of the River Park project
Advertisement campaign
We managed to evoke a response from the target audience by formulating the client's internal request in just two words. The advertising campaign has reached the target number of calls from potential customers who are interested.
Ampersand, the symbol of unification, is a visual metaphor for the double advantages of the 20&20 houses. It is present on all advertising materials for this project, creating an elegant and expressive communication style.
Единая концепция
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The use of printed materials reflects the premium quality of the project, while their aesthetic concept highlights the advantages of the elite residence in a most glamorous way.
True Value Is Found Within
A BREEAM insert is printed on eco‑paper and placed in the "Perfect living environment" section; it resembles one of the "manuals for the implementation of green technologies" that often accompany ultra‑modern gadgets. With this insert, we communicate the notion of the building's high‑tech and progressive nature and illustrate its energy efficiency in hard numbers.
Aesthetics and innovation
The entire range of technologies used by the company is illustrated and described in depth. Every technology has a separate page with a long‑read text supplemented with photos of the process and the final result. The embedded videos of the decoration production processes are especially impressive, highlighting the cutting‑edge technology used by the company.
You are in the center
Beautiful visuals combine aerial photography and CGI to highlight the building's location: the center of the city
Photo and video content
Photo and video scenarios were designed to effectively illustrate the advantages of the neighborhood and life in it. Creative angles, relatable characters that the viewer can easily project onto, and a beautiful location — the footage we have produced has formed a solid basis for the marketing media of the urban neighborhood.
The video was made as part of a comprehensive effort to create a brand and develop advertising media for Karat Apartments.
The project's website, sales office, and online presentations are supplemented by a new channel of communication that vividly presents the level of quality on offer.

Besides presenting the area's image, the brochure offers basic information on its accessibility, technical specifications, and the layout of the premises.

The brochure is bilingual, employing both the Russian and English languages.

Augmented reality
This brochure utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology. The reader can download an app for their smartphone and use its camera on marked page spreads to see the entirety of the complex and appreciate first‑hand the panoramic views from the lobby and the lighting scenarios for the garden courtyard. This exciting innovation expands upon the capabilities of the traditional press and delights clients.
Technology and ecology
The modern, technology‑focused styling reflects the renewed image of the business center and its BREEAM‑certified upgraded technical systems. A bright green color, not often seen in A‑class properties, marries urbanistic minimalism to a natural inspiration and energizes people, inspiring them to go forth and accomplish more.
The website of the residential complex
A beautiful visual concept and flawless renderings complimented with smooth animations fully capture the astounding beauty of the residence and convey the developer's focus on the details. An abundantly informative image‑focused section of the website and the ease of apartment selection have been noticed and positively reviewed by the clients of Sminex. The International Property Awards 2018‑2019 awarded us the Best Website for a Real Estate Object award, and we proudly received such a well‑deserved accolade. A lot of time and effort has been dedicated to this project.
The complex's promotional website
The residential complex has an impressive online presence where you can find comprehensive information. A vibrant presentation makes this project stand out from the competition.
A new tone
Our original slogans and headlines invite the potential customers to take a highly enjoyable stroll down the already complete 1.5 km long embankment. Immediately upon arrival, the quality of the project becomes apparent; the block is already alive and buzzing with a welcoming atmosphere. All that's left for the visitor is to make the purchase
The Kremlin can be seen just over there, and the park is a few steps away
The views from Alcon Tower are truly impressive. We have captured the amazing views from different times of day and night and placed them on the website and in the marketing materials for the project.
Deep impressions
The project website invokes the comforts of a distinguished suburban lifestyle. Seamless transitions between the pages of the presentation allow the user to glide through the content without interrupting their experience with the need to open the menu, helping them learn more.
Visit website
Фото story
За эмоциональную составляющую отвечают продуманные тексты и выдающийся контент. Визуализации и фотосъемка окружения срежиссированы, чтобы отразить архитектурные рифмы Дома «Достижение» и его окружения, и фотосьемка с архетипической семьей, выбранной специально для проекта, позоляет ощутить преимущества жизни в Доме рядом с выдающимися парками.
One impressive part of the presentation is dedicated to the highly detailed project portfolio.
Impressive animations
The outstanding insolation parameters of the apartments are highlighted by embedded videos that the user can enjoy while browsing through the smoothly animated transitioning between the site’s sections, leaving them thoroughly impressed. The animation quality throughout this project has drawn a lot of attention and received several European digital design awards (CSS Design Award and Awwward).
The company's website, focused on providing technical and corporate information, is built around this photo and video content.
In a three‑minute video meant to preface a pitch at the sales office, the benefits of the development for the buyer are clearly shown, helping to create a clear and attractive image of what's on offer.
The work was completed as a part of the package of materials for the River Park urban neighborhood. The turnkey presentation video was a finalist for the WOW AWARD 2019.
It doesn't get any more thorough

A massive volume of information was compressed into an easy‑to‑understand booklet separated into two blocks with a carefully planned structure.

The first section is the presentation of the image: vibrant visuals of every space are supplemented with descriptions of the design solutions.

The second section describes the materials used in the project. A special feature of this section is the placement of visualizations of the same room in three different styles on the spread, but without furniture. This allows for easier comparison and a clearer understanding of the product that will be delivered. Samples of marble and parquet boards were photographed specifically for this section.

Good presentation — good sales results
We have created more than 30 atmospheric visuals to communicate the comforts of the country lifestyle to the viewer. Cinemagrams spice up the static content and make the experience more emotive. Carefully crafted headlines outline the long list of advantages — they present a full picture of the benefits to the audience, focusing more on the visuals so they can just skim the text.
A symphony of advantages
The advantages of the project are packed into messaging resembling the name of the building which makes them more memorable and makes the ad‑media more harmonious. Our clients appreciate the unobtrusive and refined tone of our presentation of this building.
Trust the style
Veren™ buildings: beauty on the outside, elegance within. Refined architecture from the best architectural minds in Russia. Tasteful and unique, these buildings are unlike each other, or any other, but they respect the surroundings they've been placed in.
A beautiful history
Visualizations of the building, conveyed in the photography of the surrounding space, celebrate the beauty of the neoclassical architecture at the intersection of two rivers, and the designer's illustrations highlight the building's elegance, conveying the idea of a "handmade" home nestled in the heart of history, art, and culture.
Elegant animations
The outstanding insolation parameters of the apartments are highlighted by video inserts the users find as they browse the seamlessly transitioning pages, leaving them thoroughly impressed. The animation quality throughout this project has drawn attention and received several European digital design awards, including a CSS Design Award and Awwward.
Marketing brochure
To reflect the features and advantages of our project, we have chosen an unorthodox approach, a fold‑out structure for the brochure. To highlight the height of the project, a fold‑out print is enclosed that allows the customer to inspect the building floor by floor. Inspiring views are placed on the central page spread that folds out to either side to fully display a panoramic view of the city at night. The printing quality of the brochure highlights the elevated level of the project with specially crafted designer paper and bronze serigraphy.
Насыщенная история
Графические элементы, рифмующиеся с архитектурой дома, выверенные 3D-визуализации, атмосферные фото окрестностей - все гармонично соединено в онлайн-презентацию, соотвествующую уровню предложения. Каждому преимуществу дома посвящена страница - лонгрид.
Animation & aesthetics
Well‑thought‑out animations create a unique user experience and allow visitors to enjoy the information even more.
We have put in a lot of effort into producing this content. We had to film and photograph the company's production processes and products, and supplement that content with a generous amount of copywriting.
Volume of service

The website's architecture is massive and it has a vast amount of integrated information for both customers and business partners:

  • a thorough look at the company's philosophy;
  • a description of the company;
  • an impressive portfolio of their residential and commercial real estate;
  • a fully functional selector of commercial spaces with up‑to‑date information thanks to integration with Sminex's CRM system;
  • information for partners and career opportunities;
  • access to broker accounts and the tendering department.