An island of history
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Elite residential complex Granville
An island of history
Elite residential complex Granville
St. Petersburg, Lieutenant Schmidt embankment, 21

Presentation video for a residential complex on Vasilievsky island

Located on Vasilievsky island, the Granville residential complex is a gorgeous example of how neoclassical design and modern restoration can be tastefully united. We have captured the incredible scenery and the spirit of history in the air here, right by the Neva river.
An island of history
We have composed this video series around the core slogan we have developed to reflect the key advantages of life at the Granville residential complex: "An island of privacy on an island of history." We filmed the video in autumn, allowing us to capture several shots with golden leaves and a ship moored in the background, conveying the romance of one of the most beautiful places in the city on the Neva.
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