An age of comfort
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Residential quarter Heritage
An age of comfort
Residential quarter Heritage
Gals Development
Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaya street, 90s2

Heritage quarter presentation video

For the third stage of Heritage Quarter built by Gals Development, we have released a video that reflects the monumental nature of the complex and its fusion of modern solutions with nostalgic motifs from Moscow's classic architecture. The video series highlights the project’s class, leaving connoisseurs of old Moscow architecture no doubt that this is exactly what a business‑class development should look like.
Beautiful angles
Our video enhances the image outlined by the pitch at the sales office or provided on the website. Footage from the shooting of this video has also been instrumental in putting together the website for the development’s third stage. It helped us create an outstanding online resource for informing the potential customer about all the fine, careful details put into the decor, landscaping, and public spaces.
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Presentation video for the deluxe apartment complex with services from Hyatt