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Website River Park
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See you on the waterfront
Website River Park
AEON Corporation
Moscow, Korabelnaya 17k1
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River Park urban neighborhood

The second phase of construction of River Park urban neighborhood adhered to business class standards: architecture by ADM, beautiful lobbies, apartments with terraces, and the thoughtful design of the grounds. Joining the first phase along a scenic 1.5 km embankment that's perfect for strolling, it benefits from well‑developed infrastructure and beautiful views. However, even before the construction began, the projected price per square meter for the second phase has surpassed the price per square meter in the completed buildings of phase one. Which is why we had to create new positioning for the project and re‑elevate its status, which in turn had to be reflected on the website.
See you on the waterfront
When we visited the project, it was already teeming with life, so we realized that the best way to convince clients to make a purchase is to invite them here as well, let them feel the atmosphere and notice the attention to detail across the whole development. That is how we shaped the following insight which we want the client to grasp: "I see how it is built; I realize that it will become better, this place is beautiful, the views are stunning, people already live here; the kindergarten is working, and the embankment is open."
To achieve our strategic goals, we have produced video content that showcases the advantages that are already present: the embankment, child‑friendliness, sports facilities, pleasant atmosphere, and living environment. We have developed vivid and attractive slogans: "By land or by water," "Come to look and come to live."
Photo and video content
Photo and video scenarios were designed to effectively illustrate the advantages of the neighborhood and life in it. Creative angles, relatable characters that the viewer can easily project onto, and a beautiful location — the footage we have produced has formed a solid basis for the marketing media of the urban neighborhood.
Presentation pages
A carefully designed user experience allows users of our project's website to easily choose the best offer from the available selection. Choosing a flat, an apartment, or a parking space is made easy.
Apartment selection
A carefully designed user interface facilitates your choice of apartment from the wide selection available in a given neighborhood. The website makes it easier to choose a residence or a parking space.
Mobile version
Approximately one‑third of all traffic to our website comes from mobile users. For their convenience, a full‑fledged mobile version of the site has been developed, which is in no way inferior to the main version in clarity or efficiency but surpasses it in speed.
Our cutting‑edge, upscale website with embedded video and its independent mobile version has become an efficient sales tool for the new phase of the River Park development. Our work was a finalist in the International Property Awards 2019, and has been recognized as the best real estate promotional website in Russia by the jury of WOWAWARDS 2019.
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