The next level of comfort
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Residential complex Veren Next Shuvalovsky
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The next level of comfort
Residential complex Veren Next Shuvalovsky
Veren Group
St. Petersburg, Komendantsky prospect, uch. 9
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Veren Next Shuvalovksy is another project in the comfort‑class line from Veren Group, and it exceeds all expectations in its location and sheer class in a range of parameters — just as one would expect. An expressive appearance and the fact there are only a few apartments on each floor elevate the building from those around it. As a part of the comprehensive branding of the residential building, we have created a website to reflect its advantages and convey an atmosphere of true comfort class.
In my home I trust
The building's advanced security, increased privacy, and next‑level aesthetics will undoubtedly be appreciated by families. The website reflects the approach to this project's creation by presenting the architecture and immediate surroundings through illustrations of the greatest possible scale, allowing every detail to be inspected.
The website highlights the advantages of the building, which are hallmarks of the Veren Next classification: here, you can live a life of confidence, style, privacy, and comfort.
Beauty close-up
The Pages presenting the advantages are structured in a way that highlights the thoughtfully designed architecture, the surroundings of the building, and its infrastructure: not limited to a one‑screen format, the illustrations are presented in fascinating detail, their visual highlights drawing attention to the important details.
A well-thought-out choice
Inspired by the key advantages of the project as presented on the image pages, the user proceeds to the convenient apartment selector. Its interface is visually simple and intuitive, with detailed depictions and extensive descriptions provided for every available apartment option. A dedicated mobile version is also available.
Life plans
Customers will appreciate the many small and pleasant details that adorn the design solutions on the Veren Next Shuvalovsky website. The advantages and benefits of each apartment are extensively described and represented in a beautiful graphic.
A stunning experience without any loss of speed.
Convenience of choice on any device
Mobility without any loss of functionality.
The informative website allowed Veren Next Shuvalovsky to receive an overwhelming reaction from the target audience right from the start of the sales period, which has elevated it above the competition in the information field.
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