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Website Veren Village
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Live differently
Website Veren Village
Veren Group
St. Petersburg, pos. Strelna, st. Glinka, 6s5
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Veren Village — a rural residence within the city limits

Veren Group has developed a unique project for the St. Petersburg real estate market — a country lifestyle within the city limits. Elegant low‑rise houses with spacious yards overflowing with greenery and flowers, a well‑developed infrastructure, and convenient transport access — this is the new definition of business class which combines all the benefits of country and urban lifestyles. As a part of the comprehensive branding of the project, we have created a website to represent the unique benefits of Veren Village Strelna within the market
Done for the project:
Interface (UI)
User experience (UX)
Mobile version
More silence, more greenery, more air
The website expands upon the slogan "Live differently" by showing the changes in the life of a city dweller upon moving into Veren Village Strelna.
Seamless transitions between the pages of the presentation allow the user to glide through the content without interrupting them to click through the menu.
Good presentation — good sales results
We have created more than 30 atmospheric visuals to communicate the comforts of the country lifestyle to the viewer. Cinemagrams spice up the static content and make the experience more emotive. Carefully crafted headlines outline the long list of advantages — they present a full picture of the benefits to the audience, focusing more on the visuals so they can just skim the text.
Feel the seasons
Visuals and interactive content highlight the country feel of the life offered by the project. Carefully chosen angles and the panoramic format of the photos make the spaces feel roomy.
A tour of the complex
A virtual tour can immerse the user in the full Veren Village Strelna experience. Pleasant background sounds are meant to provoke an emotional response: birds singing, water gently flowing, and leaves rustling in a gentle gust of wind. An honored artist of Russia, Vladimir Yeryomin, provides the voiceover describing every location.
A strolling map
Highlighted key points and extensive information offer an effective online presentation of the complex.
More details
The specific advantageous details of the project are highlighted with interactive elements.
Choosing flats and apartments
The standard apartment selector options are supplemented with a choice of floorplan type, allowing for easier navigation through the rich selection of offerings.
A well‑designed app
The carefully delineated floor plans are presented from several angles for a comfortable browsing and apartment selection process. Each floor plan includes a visualization and a list of advantages for the given lot.
The mobile version of the website
The website is easily viewed on any device thanks to the cutting‑edge responsive design and interface solutions.
A stunning experience without any loss of speed
A convenient selection interface for any device
Mobility without the loss of functionality
A large‑scale, custom online resource presents Veren Village Strelna to the market in the best possible light, fully conveying the advantages of the complex, its atmosphere, and offers easy selection of the perfect real estate offering.
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