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Comprehensive branding VEREN GROUP
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In my home I trust
Comprehensive branding VEREN GROUP
Veren Group

An umbrella brand for a company of new standards

We have completed a complex project, including the development of a corporate brand and a communications suite, for a developer that made its market debut in 2017 in St. Petersburg. We have created an umbrella brand for three real estate classes, and for the projects within each class.
Done for the project:
Interface (UI)
User experience (UX)
Mobile version
Corporate style
Creative concept
The brand reflects the core values of the Veren Group: quality, reliability, transparency, accessibility, and intellectualism. The same questions always arise within the modern real estate buyer: "Will my home be beautiful and comfortable?" "Will it still be relevant in the years to come?" "Will it be delivered on time?" "Will the developer keep its promises?" To all these questions the new brand confidently answers: "Yes, you can be sure of that."
Naming and identity
The intelligent, memorable, and expressive nature of the name Veren reflects the character and tone of the new brand. Simple and straightforward, and yet calling to mind a lot of positive associations and implications, the company's name directly communicates the main promise of the brand — the promise of security for the client who can be sure that everything will be done on time and that all promises made by the company will be kept. The positioning slogan "In my home I trust" resonates well with the company name and reinforces its messaging.
To reinforce the image of a promise keeper that we have crafted for the company, we have developed a signature style using calm tones, a laconic logo, and a pattern of inherently familiar expressions with the word "trust."
Synergy of ad-media
A series of slogans joins the emotional benefits of the brand with the characteristics of their projects that are most meaningful for the prospective residents: "Trust the style" — the brilliant architecture of the buildings and their stylish interiors; "Trust the comfort" — modern technologies and practices that raise your quality of life; "Trust to deliver" — pinpoint project placement and the impressive portfolio of the team behind the projects ensure that all promises will be kept and all products will be delivered on time. Built around a shared core of ideas, these advertisement slogans reinforce the corporate brand and increase the quotation rate and memorability through synergy allowing for a more efficient allocation of marketing funds.
Trust the style
Veren™ buildings: beauty on the outside, elegance within. Refined architecture from the best architectural minds in Russia. Tasteful and unique, these buildings are unlike each other, or any other, but they respect the surroundings they've been placed in.
Trust the comfort
Veren™ buildings provide well‑lit and comfortable spaces. Cutting‑edge technology and thoughtful design create spaces of unparalleled comfort.
Trust to deliver
Planning, competence, and experience lay the foundation for each of our buildings. The Veren Group team comprises the best specialists with the most impressive experience in the sale of projects under construction. We are firm believers in the conservative approach to planning and risk diversification which ensures that we can deliver quality products in the shortest time possible.
In a class of their own
There is no market‑standard classification for real estate classes and projects often don't meet the standards of the segment they're aiming for, which disorients the buyers. Veren Group has created its own in‑house ranking of residential complexes and defined each one by the strictest standards of quality. We have developed subsidiary brands for these new classes and created separate visuals and ad‑media for the target audiences at which these classes are aimed. We have created an identity for these new classes and buildings; new slogans and advertising campaign concepts; visuals and websites for residential complexes across the three classes of real estate.
The true business class
Veren Place is a prime example of a business‑class property. The buildings have a hand‑crafted feel: immaculate execution, attention to every detail, and exclusive design. Aesthetically, these buildings could fit in Paris or Munich just as well as they fit the Northern Capital. Our dedication to creating an exceptionally soothing atmosphere is bound to impress.
Veren Place website
Defining the comfort-class
Veren Next is all that comfort‑class should be, surpassing even the highest expectations! Live at the next level of comfort! The building has more aesthetics inside and out, and even more space: refined gated yards, a community hall, and children's rooms. Increased privacy — only a few apartments on any given floor.
Veren Next website
A classic low-rise
Veren Village — if this class didn't exist, it would be worth inventing. Which is exactly what we did! Country life with city comforts — a perfect equilibrium, for you. Spacious yards and total serenity. Fireplaces and saunas within the apartments. Houses laid out from handcrafted bricks amid a natural setting — a city resident's dream.
Veren Village website
Corporate website
The Veren Group website presents the company's key advantages to the client and promotes the brand online. We have focused on interactive methods of presenting the advantages of each class to potential clients.
Veren Group websitte
We have formulated a streamlined and uncontroversial system of ad messaging for the brand, unified in its recognizable tone and supplemented by RTB, creating the image of a trustworthy and intelligent enterprise that keeps its promises and puts the quality of each building before every other consideration.
We look and sound decent and clear in front of our colleagues and clients with minimal effort. We are widely renowned and recognized, sometimes even copied. Our strategic course has withstood the test of time.
Alexey Balykin
VEREN GROUP managing partner
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