A home that gives the gift of time
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Elite residence Renommee
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A home that gives the gift of time
Elite residence Renommee
Moscow, Novoslobodskaya st., 24, str. 6
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The communications suite for the Renommee elite residential complex with its outstanding infrastructure

We have created a visual concept, an emotionally appealing website and suite of marketing materials that fully realize the slogan of this elite residential complex in Moscow's Tverskoy district, "A home that gives the gift of time." The impressive infrastructure of the elite residential complex Renommee includes a fitness center for the residents, a children's club called "Kids Lab", a bar in the lobby, a garden in the courtyard that is perfect for quiet downtime, and a playground. Fine graphics and animations, punctuated with just the right headlines and texts, illuminate the key advantages of living in one of the most beautiful residences in Tverskoy district.
Done for the project:
Interface (UI)
User experience (UX)
Mobile version
Creative concept
The graphic style of the Renommee residence calls to mind the advantages of the well‑thought‑out infrastructure that offers the gift of time to its residents. Elegant pictograms form a stylized clock that correlates with the corporate pattern, and interesting titles and texts inform the client in detail about the development's benefits.
The website of the residential complex
A beautiful visual concept and flawless renderings complimented with smooth animations fully capture the astounding beauty of the residence and convey the developer's focus on the details. An abundantly informative image‑focused section of the website and the ease of apartment selection have been noticed and positively reviewed by the clients of Sminex. The International Property Awards 2018‑2019 awarded us the Best Website for a Real Estate Object award, and we proudly received such a well‑deserved accolade. A lot of time and effort has been dedicated to this project.
Visualisation and panoramas
We have performed the role of art director for this project's visuals and produced some fascinating and informative content for the website and the brochure. The atmosphere, lighting, shot angles and fine details — all the components align with each other to form a complete image.
In the center
Renommee is located in the very center of the city. An elegant map highlights the proximity to the residence of parks and other sites of interest, enhancing its already attractive image.
Creative photography of the project's immediate surroundings, taken from interesting angles, conveys its beauty to the client.
Presentation brochure
The brochure for the residential complex highlights the details and expands upon the concept of a home that gives the gift of time. It combines informative, vibrant content and immaculate printing methods to convey the high quality of life at the elite residential complex. Premium materials ensure a pleasant tactile experience, and well‑developed content leaves the reader with an impression of a product that is perfect in every detail.
The tactile cover paper of the cover is embellished using three different techniques of post‑print processing — a fine glossy finish, blind embossing, and patterned serigraphy. These elements communicate to the client that a lot of time has been spent for their sake.
There is fascinating content inside the brochure: a thorough and enthralling tale that leaves no question unanswered and lingers in the reader's memory.
Augmented reality
This brochure makes innovative use of augmented reality (AR) technology. The reader can download an app for their smartphone and use its camera on marked page spreads to view the complex in its entirety to appreciate first‑hand the panoramic views from the lobby and the lighting scenarios for the courtyard garden. This exciting innovation expands upon thecapabilities of the traditional press and delights buyers.
Renomme App

The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play: simply point your smartphone's camera at the QR codes in the brochure.

On the pages with this icon, you are given the opportunity to interactively explore the elite premises of Renommee. Launch the Renommee App and hold your phone over the page so that it is visible on your phone's screen.

Once you download the app, launch it and point your smartphone's camera at the marked PDF pages or at the image below.

The quality of the complex and the immaculate marketing materials have allowed Renommee to become one of the most sought after luxury real estate offerings on the market.
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