A European quarter
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Residential complex Mir Park
A European quarter
Residential complex Mir Park
Moscow, Prospect Mira, 102

Presentation video for a quarter with European comforts

In Mir Park, an atmosphere of cozy European comfort and security reigns. Aimed primarily at office and apartment buyers, the presentation video conveys that atmosphere and showcases the things we appreciate so much in European cities: low‑rise buildings, quiet and inviting streets and yards, and an abundance of cozy cafés and shops filling the quarter.
A beautiful world — for you
Well integrated with the surrounding district, Mir Park European quarter prides itself on its own infrastructure, offering residents a world of their own with everything they might need for life and work. The video shows only the best angles from which the Mir Park district to convey the comforts of Mir Park, not unlike those of a low‑rise European neighborhood. The luxurious natural materials of the facades complete the idyllic picture.
In a three‑minute video meant to preface a pitch at the sales office, the benefits of the development for the buyer are clearly shown, helping to create a clear and attractive image of what's on offer.
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