Meet me on the waterfront
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Urban neighborhood River Park
Meet me on the waterfront
Urban neighborhood River Park
AEON Corporation
Moscow, Korabelnaya 17k1

Presentation video for the business‑class urban neighborhood

River Park is the only neighborhood in the capital where every building is within 20 meters of the water. Those 20 meters are not taken up with roads either, but a scenic embankment stretching 1.5 km along the river. Within the neighborhood, there is a school and a kindergarten, as well as many playgrounds and open‑air workout spaces. The upper floors offer inspiring views of the water. In the video accompanying the sales campaign for the second phase of River Park, we have shown the best that the completed first phase has to offer and the life already bustling within it. We've invited the buyers to appreciate the waterfront promenade, the infrastructure designed for living, and the unprecedented standards on offer.
By land or by water
The best way to settle the buyer’s mind on making the purchase is to invite them to view the completed part and take in the atmosphere; appreciate the thoughtfulness in the little details and the overall scope of the project. We hope to give the customer the following insight: "I see how it is built; I realize it will become even better; it's a beautiful place, the views are marvelous, people are already living here; the kindergarten is already working, and the access to the embankment is already open." Thoughtful screenwriting and acting, captured in high production values, create the image of a comfortable and living space designed on the very human scale of a city block.
The work was completed as a part of the package of materials for the River Park urban neighborhood. The turnkey presentation video was a finalist for the WOW AWARD 2019.
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