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Residential complex Veren Place
Technologies of construction
Residential complex Veren Place
Veren Group
St. Petersburg, 10th Sovetskaya, 8

A presentation on the construction techniques used in the underground sections of Veren Place

The underground construction for the business‑class Veren Place residence required additional efforts on the part of the developer due to the geological features of the site. Photographs of the construction process could not fully capture the scale of the work and explain the special timeframe needed for this stage's completion. To preserve our clients' peace of mind and properly inform them about the ongoing work, we've created a video that displays the peculiarities of the foundation work, and supplemented it with the "Construction Dynamics" section of our website.
In my home I trust
With the assistance of specialists in underground construction, we have created a video that explains the nuances of construction in plain and simple terms. It explains the types of construction work and the timeframes involved, highlighting the company's thorough, high‑tech approach. Upon viewing, the takeaway for the client is: "I understand the process, I appreciate their efforts and approach; In my home I can trust!"
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